Secure Gardens Sheds And Garages


Gardens, sheds and garages often have expensive items such as lawn mowers, bikes and tools.

  • Check your shed and garage for signs of decay, which may provide an opportunity for a thief.
  • Look to strengthen the door and frame, hinges should be secured with coach bolts or non-return screws. Use strong padbars and close shackle padlocks.
  • Think of securing the windows with a grills or heavy wire mesh to increase window security and the use of net curtains to deter casual viewing of your property.
  • Register expensive items with a commercial database or use a forensic marker to increase your chance of getting it back if it’s stolen.
  • A ground anchor is a chain or strong point set into the ground to which you can secure valuable items within the shed or garage. Use one which meets Sold Secured Gold standard or Secured by Design.
  • To secure an existing garage door buy a garage defender, these bolt into the ground in front of the garage and stop it from being opened until you unlock it and drop it flat. Make sure its Sold Secure silver or gold standard.
  • If you have a door connecting the garage to the house make sure this has the same level of security as your front door, fitting locks that meet BS 3621, or fitting a door that meets PAS 24: 2012.