Secure The Inside Of Your Home

A home that looks empty is more likely to be targeted by a burglar, use automatic timer-switches to turn on a light and perhaps a radio when it goes dark, even for just a couple of hours.


  • Take photos of your expensive items and keep copies of them with your insurance policy.
  • Think about fitting a small safe.
  • For electronic or larger items, use a commercial or forensic marker which identifies the item as yours to increase your chance of getting it back if it’s stolen.
  • Do not close your curtains during the daytime; this can suggest your home is empty.
  • A pile of post on the doormat is a clear sign that you are away. Ask a trusted neighbour to clear your post away, or use Royal Mail’s “keepsafe” service; they will keep your mail for up to two months.
  • Beware of bogus callers; use your spy hole and a door chain until you have seen their ID and are satisfied you want to let them in.
  • Never discuss your security requirements or existing arrangements with a doorstep caller or salesperson.