Secure Your Perimeter

Gates and fences are the first signs of a secure home and act as a good deterrent to intruders. Make sure they are in good repair.


  1. Keeping your front gate closed sends a psychological message of privacy, so consider investing in a gate spring.
  2. Ensure that side access to the rear garden is secured with a 2 metre high fence and gate. You can fix trellis topping to your fence as it makes climbing difficult.
  3. Ensure ladders are put away and bins can’t be turned into climbing aids
  4. For a perimeter fence by a public path or other vulnerable area consider defensive or prickly shrubbery on your side of the fencing.
  5. An outdoor light operated by sensors can be used to make intruders feel vulnerable and observed.
  6. Illuminate areas such as the front, side and rear of your home
  7. Make sure passers-by can see the front of your home by cutting your shrubs and bushes to 1m so burglars can’t work without being seen.