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The following information is for those involved with the construction and design or refurbishment of a development or building including developers; architects, police officers, local authority, surveyors, planners, housing association and self builders.

Secured by Design, Design Guides:

The design guides below provide a step by step guide on how to include security into a development. If a design guide does not exist for the development type you must speak to the local CPDA who will advise on relevant specifications. The information you are looking for may also be on our Downloads page.

We have new guidance on Licensed Premises coming soon. Please visit for more details.

Approved Document Q

Secured by Design welcomes the introduction of a security element within the Building Regulation as we have been campaigning for this for many years. Approved Document Q goes some way to improving security in the residential built environment, but does not include many of the elements that have contributed to the sometimes staggering improvements in security that Secured by Design has delivered in communities around the country.

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SBD National Building Approval

We accredit building types for developers that meet SBD physical security measures (Part 2). This service is free for developers.
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How To Be Awarded "Secured by Design"

Developments are awarded Secured by Design when they are built to our guidelines and so reduce the opportunity for crime. There are three ways to achieve this:

Development Award

To acheive a devolopment award you will need to work with the CPDA/ALO local to your specific development, using the appropriate design guide. Please fill out one of the downloadable application forms below and contact the CPDA for your developments location.

New Homes Application Form - 2016

For the build and development of homes wanting to meet the specifications within SBD Homes 2016
SBD Homes 2016 Application Form

New Homes Application Form - 2014

This application form has been superceded by the Homes 2016 application form. Please contact us if you have any queries about this.

Commercial Application Form

For new and refurbished commercial developments
Commercial Application Form

New Schools Application Form

For those building new schools, or new areas/blocks within an existing school
New Schools Application Form

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Pre-Build Agreements

Pre-build agreements are made with the CPDA / ALO prior to the build Applications and are agreements that the development will meet Secured by Design. Request these through the CPDA or ALO in the area of development.

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SBD National Building Approval

Secured by Design operates a scheme whereby developments and buildings can apply for a Secured by Design award, which shows that the building has met approved security standards. Normally this award is given following an application form has been completed in consultation with a Designing Out Crime Officer from the local police force.

SBD National Building Approval is a scheme which aims to agree all aspects of physical security within all buildings of a particular type long before any development is realised or planned. This process is only undertaken once, when the developer initially joins Secured by Design. The agreement will then form the security criteria that must be met for all National Building Approval schemes that result. It will lead to the issue of a Secured by Design certificate for compliance of Part 2 (Physical Security) that can then be used to discharge the obligation imposed on the developer by third parties. For more information, please contact us at

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Once developers and property owners have been awarded Secured by Design status, they are permitted to use the Secured by Design logo to promote the development / refurbishment.

Interactive Design Guide

Our Homes, Commercial and Schools Guides can be viewed in an interactive CAD 3D design guide.