Facewatch Limited

Company Summary:

Facewatch is a secure cloud-based platform. Facial recognition is used to proactively prevent, deter and protect businesses against crime. We store and share images of subjects of interest. It is the ONLY shared national facial recognition watchlist.


Facewatch Limited
  • 13/14 Buckingham Street
  • London
  • London
  • WC2N 6DF

Regions Serviced:

  • Europe & EU
  • Outside of UK & EU
  • United Kingdom

Products & Services:

    Other Crime Prevention Products

  • FACEWATCH - intelligent sharing system


      Simple and affordable. It’s time for businesses to self help, take a stand, and proactively tackle the issue of theft head on. Facewatch is proven to stop crime before it happens.

      Approved Standards:
          Certified to: ISO/IEC 27001:2013
          • Information technology. Security techniques. Information security management systems.
          • Compliance Note: Certifcation held with EY CertifyPoint cert 2013-009 refers
          Certified to: ISO 9001:2015
          • Compliance Note: Certifcation held with BSI cert FS574987 refers
      • Types:
        • Alert system, Crime reporting system, Other product
      • Material:
        • n/a