Tom joins SBD in support of marketing activities

Tom Lejava has joined the official Police Crime Prevention Initiative Secured by Design in support of their marketing activities.

Tom was born in Latvia and moved to London when he was around 5/6 years old.

Before joining Secured by Design, Tom was doing an apprenticeship with the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) where he was supporting them with a variety of different things and projects – from helping with their social media channels to creating infographics to publish on various publications/social media channels.

Tom has a sister, a dog and a cat. His hobbies include photography, travelling, gaming and playing around with the latest technologies.

Tom says “Ever since we moved to the UK, I have tried to visit Latvia at least once a year as that is where some of my family still live. I also have a passion for travelling and seeing new and exciting places – I have traveled to nearly most of the countries in Europe. I strongly recommend visiting Venice, Italy.

“Travelling has given me the opportunity to see and experience different cultures. The one place I would still love to visit is New York City and America”.

Looking forward to his time at Secured by Design, Tom adds: “Doing the apprenticeship with LDSC has given me a real push into the security industry and I am looking forward to working at Secured by Design, helping to implement better security for everyone and reducing the amount of crime and burglaries from happening across the UK”.

Tom can be contacted on:

Tom Lejava