Safety Accreditation Schemes

The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

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The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) allows Chief Constables to accredit staff of other organisations, such as security guards, with increased powers to tackle graffiti, litter, and antisocial behaviour. This supports the organisation's efforts to reduce crime and disorder by increasing the effectiveness of their accredited staff and enabling a closer working relationship with local police forces.

The Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme

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The Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS) operates in accordance with the same legislation as the CSAS but with specific references to Railway Byelaws and the railway environment.

Individual members of staff are checked and accredited by the chief constable for the police force where they will work. Accredited staff will only be awarded powers that are appropriate to the roles they carry out. They must wear the correct badges and uniforms and carry I.D. cards that identify them, their role and the powers they have.

Chief officers have agreed that companies and employers who wish to apply for RSAS or CSAS status should first apply through Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, who will undertake company background checks and make information and recommendations available to all relevant police forces. This single point of contact for companies will reduce time and costs, especially where a company will work in more than one police area. The application guides are available to download below.