SBD National Building Approval

The Secured by Design Developers Award is a certificate given to building programmes which, following consultation with local Police Crime Prevention Design Advisors (also known as Architectural Liaison Officers), are built to one of our published Secured by Design guides. This programme has been running for many years and it is known that, as a consequence of the achievement of this award, a significant volume of crime will be prevented. SBD National Building Approval builds on the success of the Developer Award and aims to make the process more efficient for developers who are building on a larger scale.

Comply with required security standards

Secured by Design National Building Approval (SBD NBA) is our latest designing out crime initiative. It provides developers with a more efficient and simplified route to compliance with Part Q of Schedule 1 (Security) to the Building Regulations 2010 and the Scottish Building Standard 4.13 – Security. The initiative focusses on the security of the building and results in the issuing of a Secured by Design certificate. This certificate is acceptable to Local Authority Building Control Officers and Approved Inspectors as a means of discharging the aforementioned regulations.

Third-party requirements for physical security

It also discharges any other obligation placed upon the developer by third parties to gain Section 2 (Physical Security) approval from any Secured by Design guide, i.e. SBD Homes, SBD Schools, SBD Commercial, etc.

Gain pre-approval for building types and do it only once

Secured by Design National Building Approval will agree all aspects of physical security within the building(s) long before any development is planned or realised. This process is only undertaken once, when the developer initially joins Secured by Design. The agreement will then form the security criteria that must be met for all SBD National Building Approval schemes that result. For a brief overview of how the initiative works and its further benefits, please read on or contact us at

Benefits of SBD National Building Approval

  1. Discharges the obligation of Approved Document Q (ADQ): This requires all external doors, accessible windows and roof-lights in new housing, extensions to existing homes and those formed by a change of use, to be of an enhanced security specification.
  2. SBD guarantees that the requirements of Approved Document Q are met: SBD will perform your due diligence in checking that your door, window and roof-light suppliers meet the requirements of Approved Document Q.
  3. Building Control recognition of Secured by Design National Building Approval: SBD has secured the approval of the Department for Communities and Local Government and Building Control Officers that SBD NBA is accepted as proof of ADQ compliance.
  4. One agreement, signed at the time of joining, suffices for all your future developments: This is a significant time, and therefore cost, saving measure for your company. New building designs or types can be added or removed at any time as can any new door, window or roof- light supplier you may trade with.
  5. Consistent advice from the outset: By agreeing physical security solutions at the start of the process, you will guarantee that your development(s) meet police security requirements throughout the United Kingdom.
  6. Your customers will be reassured to know they have purchased from a responsible developer: Knowledge that your buildings meet the Police Preferred Specification for security will reassure your customers that their investment is well made.
  7. Your company will become a Secured by Design member: Upon signing an SBD NBA contract, your Secured by Design membership will provide confidence to local authorities that they are processing a planning application from a responsible developer.
  8. Membership of the scheme signifies police approval for building security: Your company will appear on the Secured by Design website together with a description of each of your buildings. Our site is visited by thousands monthly. Your membership will also improve your company’s Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) scoring.
  9. The use of our Secured by Design logos and branding material: Gain an obvious marketing and commercial advantage over your competitors. Secured by Design will be pleased to work with your company on its future publicity campaigns.
  10. Membership will cost £10 + VAT for a three year term! As a police scheme aimed at reducing crime, we are not seeking to generate an income by this initiative. We simply want to bring effective crime prevention measures to all new buildings.

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To find out more about Approved Document Q – Security, go to our Approved Document Q page

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