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CaravanID Limited join Secured by Design

CaravanID Limited is one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

CaravanID is a community driven crime prevention and property recovery initiative tackling caravan and motorhome theft. The company’s scheme provides its members with unique and highly visible ID markings for their vehicles that can be looked up via their free to use online facility, offering identification and usage information to members, police and relevant parties.

Members can update their profiles in real-time ensuring the information about their van is always current. Secured access for registered police officers gives them the ability to check any members van quickly and contact owners.


CaravanID members receive a pack containing up to 16 decals (60 individual stickers) bearing a unique and easy to remember identification number. These can be affixed to the front, rear, both sides, roof and windows of your caravan ensuring full 360-degree identification. The external decals are designed to be seen and read from a reasonable distance making the caravan uniquely and easily identifiable. The rear decal (available in 7 colours) is highly reflective making it really stand out at night. The large roof decal is ideally placed to be seen by traffic cameras or police patrols on elevated vantage points.

With so many identifying marks, the caravan is a lot less attractive to opportunist thieves who have the option of spending hours removing the decals or risk being caught with an easily identifiable stolen van.

CaravanID’s Secure Caravan and Motorhome Registration Scheme have achieved the Police Preferred Specification. You can find out more about it here:

CaravanID Limited said; “We are extremely proud to be part of Secured by Design. In addition to giving credibility to the initiative, it recognises the planning and effort of the CaravanID team and the community who helped create it. With a growing membership, not only in the UK but across mainland Europe. Secured by Design membership has really helped us be recognised as a unique and effective deterrent in the battle against caravan and motorhome theft”.

SBD National Manager, Kenny McHugh, said “it has been a pleasure to sign up CaravanID Limited as new members to Secured by Design. I am looking forward to working alongside them for many years to come”.