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Catloc achieves Police Preferred Specification

Catloc, the global leading brand of catalytic converter theft prevention solutions, has achieved Secured by Design’s Police Preferred Specification, which provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime.

Catloc has been specifically designed to address the theft of a vehicle’s catalytic converter or exhaust system, with over 55 bespoke fitments, each having been carefully designed to offer the best protection to deter a thief.

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Multiple vehicle manufacturers have tested and approved products from the Catloc range, promoting these to their customers as the best line of defence against exhaust system theft. Catloc is the only range of products of this type to be independently attack tested in order to achieve Sold Secure Automotive Gold accreditation.

All Catloc products are manufactured using marine grade stainless steel for strength and durability, supplied with high security anti-tamper fixings, fully illustrated instructions and the Catloc ISR security marking and registration system. These products offer maximum protection, aligned with ease of fitment by using specific fixing points on the vehicle.

Catloc is a registered trademark of Secured by Design member company On Board Defence Limited.

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Paul Chase, managing director of On Board Defence said: “We have been innovating catalytic converter protection for a number of years. We have in excess of 100,000 physical products installed to U.K vehicles, and have security marked and registered over 250,000 catalytic converters. We are very proud of achieving Police Preferred Specification for Catloc, continuing to support Police efforts to address the growing issue of catalytic converter theft. This not only enables the Police to promote Catloc as the accredited solution to this problem, but also gives customers further assurance of the protection and the quality they are receiving, when purchasing one of our Catloc products”

SBD Development Officer Ruari Robertson said: “I am delighted that Catloc has been added to the growing catalogue of products that have achieved Police Preferred Specification. On Board Defence remain innovative within the vehicle security arena and have developed another successful product that will directly impact on this type of crime. It is even more pertinent as theft of catalytic converters are causing considerable issues for Police Services across the country. The inclusion of Catloc will go some way to reducing the negative effects this crime has on vehicle owners and the industry as a whole.”

You can find out more about Catloc here:

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