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OWL community engagement system receives SBD accreditation

OWL was the first community engagement system to receive SBD accreditation and has played a part in burglary reductions of up to 45% in 3 years .

Recent data shows it helps make the public feel safer and gives them more confidence in their local policing teams. The Crime Survey for England and Wales revealed the public in Hertfordshire rated their local police the highest with 73% saying they did a good or excellent job. The average for England and Wales was just 63%. Herts have been consistent users of OWL with 1 in every 5 homes registered on the website and 200 officers using OWL to engage directly with local communities. Similar effects were seen by Kensington and Chelsea borough police when the Met released new confidence figures showing the borough had climbed to the top spot. It coincided with their local pilot of OWL and a significant increase in community engagement using the twice Government award winning platform. More info:  or

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