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The Oil Defender by Fuel Alarms Ltd – with SBD Accreditation

Fuel Alarms Ltd would like to introduce to their oil tank protection system, which can be integrated into property alarm systems.

The value of oil and the isolated position of many oil tanks have made them an attractive target for thieves.  It is becoming a growing problem for domestic users and rural businesses alike. The Oil Defender is designed to detect rapid fuel level decreases and can be linked to existing alarm systems or used as a stand-alone alarm.

Unlike domestic oil tank alarms on the market, the Oil Defender provides contacts to enable connection to existing intruder alarm systems and communication devices, such as text messaging and auto diallers. It also provides a 12v output for an external sounder.

A battery operated tank unit detects if the fuel level drops at a higher rate than normal or if the inspection hatch is opened.

This is a professional alarm system used by security and alarm companies across the country and is therefore robust and reliable and gives real-time alerts. It does not rely on ultrasound technology, PIRs or vibration detection devices which will often result in delayed or false alarms.

If you require any more information do please visit their website: or you can contact the company on  or 01359 231684.