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uWatch renew membership with Secured by Design

uWatch is the latest company to renew their membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

The uWatch Cube is accredited by SBD, having achieved Police Preferred Specification. The Cube is a small, portable and smart, battery powered crime prevention device that notifies you when a crime is in progress via an alert to your smartphone.

The Cube is instantly deployable, does not require Wi-Fi or mains power and has a range of sensors, GPS and a day/night camera to keep an eye on the things, even in the most remote and rural environments. It includes 12 months unlimited data on a roaming sim and works in any country where there is a 2g GSM signal.

The Cube is already at the forefront of fighting rural crime and currently operates in numerous other markets including pest control, home monitoring, shipping containers, vans, caravans, boats and much more.

Cube WEB

You can find out more about uWatch and their SBD accredited uWatch Cube here:

Louis Bennett project manager at uWatch, said: “Basically the Cube is a computer and we are continually developing its software to address more and more applications. Organised crime is very tech savvy and we need to make more effective use of the common technology we have available, and to this end we have some very interesting developments in the pipeline that will improve its effectiveness even further for the rural community”.

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SBD Development Officer Doug Skins said: “I am delighted that uWatch have renewed their membership with Secured by Design. The uWatch Cube is a versatile piece of kit which gives you instant notifications of any potential crimes.

“The recent Rural Crime Report published by NFU Mutual reports an almost 9% rise in the cost of rural crime, driven by the theft of high value machinery such as tractors, farm vehicles and quad bikes. uWatch has worked with police forces across the country to tackle this issue, with the uWatch Cube being well suited to work in remote rural environments”.