BikeRegister's 500,000th Registration

Avid cyclist Jonathan Stather was the 500,000th person to have his bike registered to BikeRegister.

Jonathan said: "My bike is quite expensive - the frame is a custom Stanton, the design model is Sherpa Ti. The rest is self-assembly with a lot of parts from component supplier Hope.

"By registering and marking my bike I was aiming to try and provide as many identification features as possible if it was to be stolen, hence I chose the UV Covert Kit containing a colourless UV etch, TESA label and uniquely coded microdots. I registered my bike to BikeRegister mainly as a theft deterrent, but also if it is ever stolen it is a means of showing proof of ownership."

BikeRegister is used by every UK Police Force and is the preferred bike marking system of the Metropolitan Police Service.

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