SeeQuestor: enabling police to quickly review thousands of hours of video

A company that can assist police by quickly scanning large volumes of CCTV footage and other video data to identify critical leads for criminal investigations, has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

SeeQuestor describes its capability as offering ‘order of magnitude’ improvements in effective video-based security, policing and national infrastructure control, using existing and new video data sources and integrating with legacy and future data and security infrastructures.

The company’s unique technology delivers highly effective tools and services harnessing world-leading AI technology and super-computing power to turn terabytes of CCTV video into actionable intelligence.

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SeeQuestor explains that video infrastructure is everywhere, and camera installations are growing internationally at double digit rates every year. However, ‘eyeballing’ video footage, hour upon hour, is inefficient, and even then, leads to only approximately 1% of available video being watched.

This means crimes go unsolved, live incidents are poorly managed and threats are not foreseen. This is why SeeQuestor is committed to changing this paradigm to deliver vastly improved public safety outcomes.

SeeQuestor’s Post Event Video Analytics System can be used to quickly review thousands of hours of video (from any video source, including poor quality footage) to help conduct investigations in a fraction of the time taken using conventional viewing methods.

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It can immediately locate and identify persons or objects of interest, generate reports and maintain the evidential chain.

SeeQuestor’s powerful video analytics finds all the movement, faces and people, using an automatic person-finder and a gallery of faces from video. Each video is indexed to allow for fast review and search – significantly increasing the speed at which analysts can locate and identify suspects or find incriminating evidence.

The company’s video analytics systems are in demand internationally by airports, government agencies, smart cities and law enforcement. Many successful police manhunts have been completed using SeeQuestor’s technology.

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For example, systems have been successfully deployed by a national intelligence organisation at a major international airport as well as with law enforcement agencies in the UK, USA and Australia which are using them to view thousands of hours of CCTV data every day.

The system was designed and created in close consultation with leading British police teams to improve the costly and time-consuming process of reviewing video footage. It has been accredited by SBD for meeting police standards.

Lyn Poole, Development Officer, SBD said: “We are delighted that SeeQuestor took the step to renew their SBD membership for a further three years. The SeeQuestor system has answered a critical need of law enforcement agencies by saving time and resources to deliver radically faster video intelligence.

“The company is continuing to develop its expertise in this specialist field and is committed to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible and develop new analytical tools. I’m excited to be working with them and look forward to hearing updates on projects they have been involved with nationally and internationally,” added Lyn.

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Tristram Riley-Smith, Chairman of SeeQuestor, said: “I’m delighted, on SeeQuestor’s behalf, to see this partnership with Secured by Design continuing. We have a unique offering designed to transform the work of law enforcement agencies, and we take the security of our platform very seriously. We want SeeQuestor to make a difference at this time of unprecedented demands on public services, and we value the ‘ring of confidence’ that comes with Secured by Design’s accreditation.”

In 2017, SeeQuestor won the Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technical Innovation for its work in the video forensics market and the 12th annual ADS Security Innovation Award.
Earlier this year, SeeQuestor won its second Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technical Innovation in recognition of its sustained innovation efforts and the development of its integrated forensics and real-time video analytics platform.

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