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Theft at Hadden Hill Golf Course thwarted by The uWatch Cube

Secured by Design (SBD) member company uWatch have another success to add to their portfolio of crimes prevented, with their uWatch Cube thwarting a theft at a golf club.

On Thursday 7 May at 21:06hrs the Hadden Hill Golf Club Secretary received a uWatch system alert on his phone, advising him that their Cube had been activated by someone walking around the club’s golf buggies after the course was closed. Knowing that there should be no one near the buggies at that time in the evening, he immediately called the police.

Arriving at the course so quickly enabled the police to catch two offenders as they were attempting to leave the scene with one of the golf buggies. They were apprehended after a footchase, with tracker dogs leading officers to the suspects as they attempted to hide in a nearby building site. The golf buggy was recovered.

Hadden Hill Golf Course owner Michael Morley commented “We could not possibly have caught them without The Cube and they probably would have taken another buggy if we had not gotten there in such good time”.

uWatch Ltd product manager Louis Bennet commented “This is a typical application for the Cube where valuable equipment, necessarily stored in remote unattended places is vulnerable to theft.

“The speed of the alert gives the police those few extra seconds which is the difference between catching thieves or them getting away”.

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SBD Development Officer Doug Skins said: “This is an excellent result, with the uWatch Cube showing the importance of real time crime notifications. Another couple of minutes might have resulted in the offenders escaping and the golf club suffering a substantial loss”.

The uWatch Cube is accredited by Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative, having achieved Police Preferred Specification. The Cube is a small, portable and smart, battery powered crime prevention device that notifies you when a crime is in progress. The Cube does not require Wi-Fi or mains power and has a range of sensors and a day/night camera to keep an eye on the things you can’t – even in the most remote and rural environments. It works in any country where there is a GSM signal.

You can find out more about uWatch and their SBD accredited uWatch Cube here: