"Vistry is proud to be a member of the National Building Approval Scheme"

Vistry Group’s Northern Home Counties region has joined the National Building Approval scheme from Secured by Design, the official police security initiative.

Vistry Group develops sustainable new homes and communities across all sectors of the UK housing market with an unmatched portfolio of brands – including Bovis Homes and Linden Homes – with rich histories and strong reputations, delivering high quality homes for their customers and clients. Their key asset is their people – around 3,000 of them across England – who have come together to promote the company’s core values of integrity, caring and quality. Vistry Group is uniquely positioned to lead the way in the UK housing market with a countercyclical business model featuring Vistry Housebuilding and Vistry Partnerships.  


You can find out more about Vistry Group at: https://www.securedbydesign.com/member-companies/sbd-members?view=companydetail&account=0011i0000192e3UAAQ

James Shuttleworth, regional technical director, said: “Vistry is proud to be a member of the National Building Approval Scheme and work with Secured by Design in implementing crime prevention measures at our developments.”

Ruari Robertson, Secured by Design, said: “I am delighted Vistry Group’s Northern Home Counties region have continued their membership of the National Building Approval scheme and look forward to working with them during this time in promoting and utilising the principles of Secured by Design within their new-build developments.”

The National Building Approval (NBA) scheme is for companies like developers, builders and contractors as well as organisations like local authorities, housing associations and social landlords. SBD will check that basic levels of security are being incorporated into properties and ensure companies in the supply chain are providing products, like doors and windows, that meet SBD standards.

By removing a significant administrative burden from NBA member companies, SBD saves valuable time and money with a faster and more simplified process to reach the recognised standards. This then means that the SBD NBA member can build anywhere in the UK, safe in the knowledge that police concerns for crime prevention have been met.

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