Wynda Components Renew Membership with SBD

Wynda Components, supplier and installer of quality windows and doorsets, have renewed their membership with Secured by Design, the official police security initiative.

Established in 1988, Wynda Components are a family owned and run fabricator of quality aluminium windows and doors for commercial, new build and refurbishment sectors.

You can find out more about Wynda Components and their Secured by Design accredited products at: https://www.securedbydesign.com/member-companies/sbd-members?view=companydetail&account=0011i00000Jpw3pAAB

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, commented: “Wynda Components are a small, hardworking, family-run company and I am so glad they decided to renew their SBD membership for another three years. It’s great that a company based in the Whitstable area of Kent feel they can benefit from the SBD brand.”

Wynda Components

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