Secure the door with pad bolts and close-shackle padlocks or a padlock alarm. Protect windows with a wire mesh on windows. Solar lighting used on the shed exterior to illuminate the surrounding area.

Other advice: Hinges should be fitted using coach bolts and large backing washers. In addition to protecting windows, consider fitting a curtain or whitewash the window to prevent prying eyes.


Ground Anchor / Shed Shackle

Invest in a “Ground anchor” or “Shed shackle” within your shed or garage to secure your cycle and larger tools to it. It is important that your shed / outbuilding has a concrete base for anchors or shackles.


Shed Alarm / Remote Video Recording

The garden has fitted a Shed Alarm that is battery operated, (however, you can purchase shed alarms as an additional ‘zone’ to your house alarm.) The shed also features a ‘uWatch’ cube alarm.

When the battery-operated cube senses movement within the shed it enables video recording and then notifies the owner via the App on the Smart Phone. This system has multiply used i.e., in vans / rural settings etc.



Fences need to be of solid construction. It is recommended that fences to the rear of your property are 1.8m, and to the front no higher than 1.2m. Low-growing thorny shrubs at the base of fences, windows, and drainpipes, will also give added protection. Reinforce the garden’s perimeter by planting prickly shrubs or a thorny hedge and train them to grow on trellis on top of 1.8m fencing to deter potential offenders.

Disclaimer: There is potential that the fencing within the show garden will be fitted for aesthetics, i.e. there will be gaps within the boundary so members of the public can see in.


Fence topping: Trellis / Anti-Climb Deterrent (plastic)

The garden illustrates the use of trellis on some of the fence panels. This deters burglars due to its design. Trellis can support planting that adds additional defence i.e. climbing roses / pyracantha etc. Further advice can be obtained from the RHS.

A defensive security topping may be fitted to a fence if:

  1. It the security topping is designed as a security product.
  2. It is visible on the top upward facing surface.
  3. It is placed at a height of least 1.8m.
  4. That warning signage is visibly displayed on the public and or neighbouring side of the fence.

Defensive Planting

Spiky and dense planting can create a more secure garden and should not just be limited to your boundary; for instance, using a prickly bush outside an easily accessible window.  Planted in groups or as focal points, there’s a vast array of forms, textures, and sizes to choose from.



Good outdoor lighting can deter a burglar. Use a daylight sensor at the front of your home that will come on automatically when it’s dark. At the rear, you can use PIR (infrared) movement sensor activated lighting but remember animals and plant movement may activate it also.


Side gate

Keep gates shut and locked whenever possible, especially those allowing access to the rear of the property.  Fit two quality locks to a gate, top and bottom, or a lock operated by a key and ensure hinges are securely fixed to gate posts so that the gate cannot be lifted off its hinges

Other advice: The gate in the garden does not include a ‘spring return’ on the gate which we would traditionally recommend. This feature means that the gate will close on its own once opened.


Planters / Plant / Plant Pots

Fix plant pots to the ground using a bolt and retaining anchor plate or plant anchor and mark tools and furniture with your postcode followed by your house number.

Consider marking your valuable items using one of the various property marking schemes or use a permanent marker to endorse it with your post code and house number or name.

A hanging basket can be attached to the chain by a cable tie to deter removal.


Bike Storage

In smaller gardens where space is limited, consider fitting a secure bike storage unit in a secure area of the garden.



A poorly located bin / ladder / chair etc may act as a climbing aid for intruders.



Lay gravel on paths and beneath doors and ground-floor windows as burglars are deterred as they run the risk of being heard as its noisy.