The Safer Streets Fund, launched earlier this year by the Government, aims to prevent crime that blights communities and causes misery to victims. Grants of up to £550,000 are being paid to PCCs in England and Wales for projects aimed at improving security in areas particularly affected by acquisitive crimes such as burglary, vehicle theft and robbery.

The fund can also be used to cause changes to the design of streets, the introduction of alley gates, increase street-lighting and the installation of CCTV, together with traditional target hardening measures such as the replacement of locks, doors and windows. The funding will also be used to train community wardens, deliver local crime prevention advice to residents, and establish Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

At least one Designing Out Crime Officer (DOCO) from each police force has received additional training regarding the Safer Streets Fund and its principles for designing out crime. These officers also possess a Safer Streets Toolkit (a restricted document that provides guidance on a range of interventions) that should be utilised in order to maximise crime prevention outcomes from this initiative.

If you wish to find out more about the Safer Streets Fund in your county, we recommend you make contact with the local DOCO, their contact details can be found here: