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ABUS (UK) add multiple products to their SBD range

ABUS (UK) have added a range of bicycle and motorcycle security products to their already extensive range of products that have achieved the Police Preferred Specification standard for their security properties.

Members of the official police security initiative since 2014, ABUS have added the below products to their Secured by Design range:

Bicycle security products

  • Bontrager 8900 Ultimate Chain Lock
  • BORDO 6500K/90 Folding Lock
  • BORDO GRANIT 6500KA Folding Lock
  • BORDO GRANIT XPlus 6500/110 Folding Lock
  • GRANIT 460 HB230/300
  • GRANIT EXTREME 59/180HB260
  • GRANIT London HB230
  • GRANIT Plus 640 & 470
  • GRANIT WBA 100/75 Ground Anchors
  • GRANIT X Plus Super Extreme 2500/165HB230
  • GRANIT XPlus HB230/300
  • GRANIT XPlus Mini D-Lock
  • Steel-o-Chain 9808/85
  • Super Ultimate 430/190HB230
  • U Mini U-Lock HB160/230
  • Ultimate U-Lock HB140/230
  • Ultra Mini U-lock HB140
  • Ultra U-lock HB230/300
  • Sinus Plus U-Lock HB230/300
  • IVY Bike chain lock: 9210/85/110/140/170

Motorcycle and scooter security products

  • Detecto (8008) Disc Brake Lock
  • Detecto (8077) Disc Brake Lock
  • GRANIT Extreme Chain 59 XPlus 110,140 and 170cm
  • GRANIT Power XS 67 Disc Lock
  • GRANIT Sledg 77 Disc Lock
  • GRANIT Victory 68 disc lock
  • Steel-o-Chain 1190 XPlus 2.0 120 and 150cm

Roger Seal, Product and Marketing Manager ABUS Mobile Security commented “ABUS now offers a comprehensive range of bicycle and motorcycle locks with full SBD accreditation. Furthermore, with the Granit Victory 68 motorcycle disk lock and the Granit Super Extreme 2500 D lock, which launches in Q1/2024 we have achieved the highest level of Sold Secure testing – Powered Cycle Diamond. This test includes extended attack with battery powered angle grinder. All-in-all consumers have the peace of mind, that with ABUS products they are not just choosing the highest quality product, but also one with the best overall level of security against all types of brutal attack.”

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, said: “I was delighted when ABUS renewed their SBD membership, and then they presented me with a lot of additional products with Sold Secure certification, adding to their already extensive SBD portfolio of products. The number of extra products was amazing, with a range of Sold Secure Diamond and Gold certificates for Bicycles and Powered Bicycles security. With the ever-increasing demand for, and ownership of, powered cycles (e-bikes), this is excellent and some great forward thinking on ABUS’s part”.

ABUS provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of home security, mobile security and commercial security. You can find out more about ABUS and their extensive range of SBD accredited bicycle and motorcycle security products here.