Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative, owned by the UK Police Service. SBD operates an accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK Police Service for products or services that have met recognised security standards.

As life and business in the 21st century has become increasingly reliant on being connected to the internet, we have seen an increase in products known as Internet of Things (IoT), these could be doorbells, smart locks, lightbulbs or voice assistants (Alexa, Siri).

Secured by Design has launched a ‘Secure Connected Device’ (SCD) accreditation scheme in consultation with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). The scheme highlights products that have achieved the appropriate IoT standards / certifications, to keep UK users safe and help them make better informed choices when buying such devices.

The IoT landscape has developed drastically over the last decade:

In 2020, the average UK household had around

10.3 internet connected devices

1 in 5

UK consumers bought a new digital device during lockdown.

In the first half of 2021, around

1.51 billion attacks

were made on IoT devices, which doubled from the year before

The number of internet connected devices across the world has increased to 35 billion and that number continues to rise with the prediction being

75 billion by 2025

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