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Find an SCD accredited product

What is the Secure Connected Device accreditation?

In 2022, SBD introduced the ‘Secure Connected Device’ (SCD) accreditation scheme in-line with government legislation for companies providing Internet of Things (IoT) connected products. Without the appropriate levels of security, any internet connected device or app is at risk of providing cyber criminals with the ‘key’ in accessing and stealing personal data.

How can I identify an SCD product or service?

All SCD products and services will have the SCD logo displayed, giving you the reassurance that it meets the rigorous requirements of the initiative. All SCD products and services are also list below.

Why is it important to buy SCD accredited IoT products?

  • The risk of a cyber attack or breach against an IoT device can be reduced as SCD accredited devices have been tested to ensure they have been built to the required security standards
  • The ‘Secure Connected Device’ accreditation is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for the security of their IoT products in the UK
  • SBD continually monitor national crime trends to keep pace with changing patterns of criminal behaviour and new technology, ensuring that standards are updated to reflect these changes

    Here are some of the ways criminals exploited vulnerabilities in smart devices:

A smart thermostat in a fish tank was hacked and used as entry way to access a casino’s database of ‘high rollers’ containing personal and financial information.

A residential building in Finland suffered a cyberattack on their smart heating system, causing the warm water and heating to be shut off for a week during the winter months.

In 2018 a man was jailed for IoT-related abuse after being found guilty of eavesdropping on his estranged wife through a microphone on a wall-mounted tablet used to control the heating and lights in their home.

Which products and services have achieved the SCD accreditation?

Select a category below to see which products or services are SCD accredited: