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How to Join

Companies with products or services which can be tested or evaluated to show effective security or crime prevention benefit may apply to be licensed members and the products awarded 'Police Preferred Specification' status. Product categories range from Alarm Installers to home security products such as doors, locks, windows, asset marking to commercial security products such as grills, shutters and security glazing.

You can become a member after testing and passing security standards specified by SBD. Our Development Officers guide you through the complete process. This includes:

  1. Guidance through the technical process of achieving product testing and certification
  2. Visit to factory and warehouse to meet you, your team and see how the products are produced
  3. Be contactable and visit you throughout your membership, offering continual support and guidance
  4. Click here to contact your local SBD Development Officer

Products that are not currently covered by a suitable public test will be subject to evaluation by a technical authority acceptable to SBD.

Why become a Member Company?

This SBD scheme will show that your products reach a high level of security. Our logo shows that SBD products have been tested and certified to a high standard and will reduce the opportunity for crime.

  • SBD represents a powerful, trusted police brand which inspires greater public confidence in your products
  • SBD has an established Police Preferred Specification accreditation scheme which is awarded only to products that meet our security requirements
  • SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police accreditation for security-related products in the UK
  • The police service signpost customers looking for security products to the SBD website where a comprehensive list of companies that produce products that meet SBD Police Preferred Specification can be found
  • SBD has more than 800 member companies, with thousands of products in more than 30 different categories that have already achieved Police Preferred Specification
  • Member feedback has consistently indicated that SBD membership leads to more business opportunities and a 99% member retention rate proves this

In addition our licensee agreement states a licensed SBD member company will receive the following benefits:

  • The right to use agreed phrases and an approved logo
  • Entry on our SBD website as a licensed member company
  • SBD e-newsletter subscription
  • Updates about changes in the SBD specification, test standards and guidance
  • The opportunity to exhibit at SBD events nationwide, including ATLAS our National Training Event

Membership is subject to an annual fee. Only member companies are entitled to use the SBD logo and promote the term 'Police Preferred Specification' on tested products.

We police the use of our logo so that only members and those re-selling their SBD products can use the logo. SBD provides full guidance documents and support on how to promote your status.

SBD Standards Explained

How to become a member

SBD requires testing and certification for many product categories. The differences between the two are as follows:

Tested Products

A manufacturer can submit a product for testing to a recognised security standard at a test laboratory, often accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), and pass. However, this does not ensure that the product tested is the same as the mainstream manufactured item nor is representative of the range of products.

Certified Products

Certification gives quality assurance. When a manufacturer wishes to comply with the requirements of SBD they must now submit the product range for certification. This involves submission to a test house, which may or may not be the Certification Authority (CA).

A number of products, representing the whole range, are selected for testing and if they all pass they can be accepted into the certification scheme. The CA visits the production facility to ensure that the products tested are representative of the products supplied to the end user. This is followed by a programme of regular visits to ensure continued quality standards are met and that components have not been altered without informing the CA.

During the course of a year the CA will remove a small number of products for re-testing. This is dependent on the number of products being produced or a number agreed with the manufacturer. Should any part of the security standard be changed/up-dated the manufacturer is expected to upgrade products to retain certification.

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