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Secured by Design Membership

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative, owned by the UK Police Service, with the specific aim of improving the built environment for the well-being of all, reducing crime and helping people live more safely.

However, the Police Service cannot work in isolation to deliver this critically important element of community safety, nor should it seek to do so, and the support of companies with products which meet the rigorous Police Preferred Specification security requirements is vital in ensuring that we continue to achieve sustainable reductions in crime to enable people to live in a safer society.

By becoming a member of Secured by Design, you’ll be joining a growing organisation with a mission to be a catalyst for crime prevention. By working in partnership, we can make a positive difference. We can change lives for the better and help people to be safe and secure.

What is Secured by Design?

Founded in 1989 by the Association of Chief Police Officers in response to the increase in burglary and the need to improve security standards, Secured by Design (SBD) is an internationally recognised mark of security excellence. It is a model that is being copied in countries such as The Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Australia, Chile, The UAE and several states in the USA.

SBD works to improve the security of buildings and their surroundings by working closely with architects, builders, developers, local authorities,  registered housing associations and a variety of other stakeholders to incorporate police crime prevention standards from initial concept and design, through to construction and completion.

SBD also operates an accreditation scheme for products or services that have met a recognised security standard. These products or services – which must be capable of preventing crime, deterring crime, or delaying a criminal attack, thus improving and reducing opportunities for offenders – are known as being of a ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK. SBD products are known to prevent major organised crime and counter terrorism.

SBD member company status is awarded to companies producing security products that successfully pass testing to relevant security standards and possess third-party certification to that same standard which have been designated by the police service as being appropriate in respect of their effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, usually by resistance to physical attack.

Membership and Product Accreditation

Our members are important partners in the ongoing work to design safe places. Every day Police Designing Out Crime Officers are working closely with builders, developers, local authorities, registered housing associations and other relevant stakeholders to incorporate our police crime prevention standards into buildings so that they can achieve SBD Development Awards.

This work to improve the physical security of buildings involves the use of products, such as doors, windows, locks and walling systems that meet the SBD ‘Police Preferred Specification’ security requirements.

If you have a product which you believe meets the testing and security standards specified by SBD, you can apply to become a member. Our Development Officers will guide you through the complete process.

This support includes:

  • A dedicated SBD Development Officer who will provide advice on the technical process of achieving product testing and certification

  • Visits to your premises to meet you, understand your product range and advise you on applicable standards

  • Ongoing support and guidance throughout the period of your membership

  • Continual advice on how to obtain the maximum benefit from your SBD membership

How to Join

Your route to membership

Police Preferred Specification requires that products have been:

Independently tested

Independently tested to a relevant security standard, please refer to our security product standard pages1

Fully certified

Fully certified by an independent third- party, United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification body


Tested and certified by an approved body such as Sold Secure or Thatcham

Regular re-testing

To ensure the correct processes are maintained constantly over time to provide a more secure and reliable product

Annual inspections

Annual inspection of the manufacturing facility to ensure quality and performance are maintained (by a UKAS body or in accordance with an SBD approved body)

1 Products that are not currently covered by a suitable public test will  be subject to evaluation by a technical authority acceptable to SBD

For additional details about becoming a member of SBD and the benefits associated with membership, please contact one of our Development Officers