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Acketts Group - providing ATM Security for Nationwide Building Society

What do you get when you combine ATM Project Management and installation with physical security? The answer is, a pretty safe ATM.

Acketts Group Limited, known for their ATM security solutions, are also key providers in Project Management and ATM installation work, supporting many well-known banks and independents.

Recently completing a 3 year migration programme for Nationwide Building Society, Acketts have been ahead of the game, breaking all records. In support of the SBD licence, ATM installations routinely included the Acketts Anti-Theft Device (ATD), adding significant protection against ram-raid attacks.

"Our focus is on supporting our clients, always going that extra mile to ensure targets are met", said Hilary Fearn, Acketts MD. "Strategic growth allows us to provide a very comprehensive single stop solution, managed by our specialist team."