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Asgard’s new SBD accredited XXXL Metal Garden Sheds

Secured by Design member company Asgard Storage has extended their high security Centurion and Gladiator garden shed ranges with 3 new models.

Each new model adds 3 extension sections to the depth of a standard sized unit, now making these new sheds an enormous 18ft long. With the current ranges already featuring widths of 5ft (Centurion) or 7ft (Gladiator) wide x 7ft, 11ft and 14ft, 18ft represents the next sized model.

Andy, Asgard Storage, said: “Our Customer Services team are asked for larger and larger sheds and the demand for 18ft sheds (3 extensions) has kept growing, so in response we’ve launched new Centurion & Gladiator 18ft deep garden storage sheds”.

The Centurion and Gladiator garden sheds are both Secured by Design accredited due to their excellent security features including; reinforced panels and doors, welded hinges, an integral metal floor, and a 5-point locking system including deadbolts, pick-and-drill resistant EN1303 rated lock and a handle that's designed to snap off if attacked.

All Asgard sheds, come with a free fixing kit, allowing the shed to be bolted to the ground, preventing thieves from prising up the shed - offering 360-degree protection. The Centurion and Gladiator garden storage sheds are UK Locksmith approved, Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1 certified and Secured by Design accredited for added peace of mind.

Alfie Hosker, Secured by Design, said: “Asgard offer a large range of shed and storage products which meet Police Preferred Specification accreditation and can be used across a variety of applications. These include motorcycle and bike sheds to storage units which can be used for the safe keeping of lawnmowers, tools, and other equipment in the garden for example. It is to the testament of Asgard that several Olympians and Paralympians use their products for the safe keeping of their sports equipment”.

Gladiator 7ft x 18ft Garden Storage Shed

Measuring in at an impressive 7ft wide by 18ft deep, the latest Gladiator garden shed is Asgard’s largest garden shed to date. The huge double door opening, extra width (perfect for side mounted shelving) and immense depth make this shed suitable for even the largest of garden equipment, from wheelbarrows to expensive ride on mowers. This Secured by Design garden shed is the perfect store for all precious garden equipment.

This new shed benefits from additional electrical mounting plates for adding power, and extra ventilation sections, designed to reduce condensation. All these features make this 18ft shed the ideal choice for professional and amateur gardeners alike.

This Gladiator shed is available as a standalone shed, or as a bundle pack with additional tool rail, heavy duty hooks, shelves, a ramp and a subfloor. Click here to see the Gladiator 7ft x 18ft garden shed:

Centurion 5ft x 18ft Metal Garden Shed

The Centurion range of sheds measures a little thinner than Asgard’s Gladiator range. With a width of approx 5ft the Centurion features shelving options at the rear of the shed, giving plenty of floor space up front for storing large garden items.

The Centurion range features full width, double door opening, and the same 18ft depth as the Gladiator version. This Secured by Design garden shed is the perfect store for all expensive garden equipment. As with all of Asgard extra large sheds the new Centurion unit benefits from additional electrical mounting plates to add more power for using power tools, and extra ventilation sections to further reduce the risk of condensation.

This Centurion range is available as a standalone shed or as a bundle pack with additional, heavy duty hooks, shelves, a ramp and a subfloor. Click here to see the Centurion 5ft x 18ft garden shed:

Save Money on your Secured by Design approved Sheds

Exclusive to Secured by Design fans and followers, Asgard is now offering a 10% discount on their sheds and bundle packs using code ‘SBD10’. Offer excludes delivery and installation (if applicable). Available on products over £100.

Find out more about Asgard’s extensive range of Secured by Design accredited products here.