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BikeAway lockers achieve Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond accreditation

Secured by Design member company BikeAway are proud to announce that all of their lockers have now achieved the prestigious Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond accreditation, the first SBD member company to achieve this for outdoor storage lockers.

BikeAway is the UKs leading manufacturer in secure cycle locker storage. Established over 20 years ago in Devon with the intention of developing a safe and secure bike locker, BikeAway has paved the way for locker security.

Initially gaining Sold Secure Bicycle Gold accreditation, BikeAway developed their products in line with security trends and the needs of cyclists, and all of their lockers now have Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond accreditation.

BikeAway recently launched the horizontal bike locker to join their extremely popular vertical Warrior as part of the Warrior range. Both products have undergone testing and the whole locker and components have Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond standard – a testament to the strength and security of the lockers and a standard sought by many insurers of high-quality bikes.

Warrior 1 open WEB

All lockers are constructed of galvanised steel, have strengthening gussets, box section and anti-jemmy plates are included to reinforce the structure. The door is secured using a patented lock design constructed from 6mm plate and the keyhole housing of the Sterling anti-drill padlock and lock mechanism is protected by hardened steel plates.

One of the Warrior’s unique points are the doors as they are fitted with hinges and locking points that ‘grab’ the sides of the locker which makes levering them open almost impossible.

Warrior’s are supplied with anchor bolts and are designed to be secured to a flat hard standing base, although adjustable legs can be used on all products if they are to be fitted to sloping ground.

The vertical Warrior allows bicycles to be stored upright and has a small footprint, ideal for locations where space is at a premium and has proven to be popular in social housing. While the new horizontal Warrior 2 will house two bikes, perfect for gardens and driveways, the unit can also be stacked making them a more versatile and an efficient alternative to two-tier stands in basement and indoor bike parks.

As fire safety can be a concern at indoor or underground storage areas the BikeAway team can add a fire seal to reduce the risk of fire spread, something which should be considered when storing e-bikes. These lockers have a galvanised finish to reduce the risk of fire and using a locker rather than a two-tier bike stand helps to maintain good housekeeping and by compartmentalising the bike store stops the uncontrolled spread of fire and smoke. External units can also be fitted with a solar panel to enable the charging of e-bikes without mains power – a superb addition to any Green Travel Plan.

BikeAway lockers are distributed fully assembled and can be installed independently or by BikeAway’s skilled fitters.

In addition to manufacturing lockers BikeAway also provide a management service to oversee the use of lockers, taking the headache of admin away from organisations.

You can find out more about BikeAway and their Secured by Design accredited Warrior Cycle Storage lockers here:

Horizontal warrior 2

BikeAway, commented “Another major advantage of using a bike locker with such a high attack standard is that the product itself is very robust which means that by its design and engineering has a long life span and this is especially important when used in public areas. BIkeAway has products that were installed over 20 years ago and they are still in good working order and require minimum maintenance, this can be said for most SBD products - you cannot achieve security without quality”.

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, said: “I am extremely pleased to have been able to update the product standard for BikeAway from Gold to Diamond for their Warrior Cycle Storage lockers. This is a great accomplishment and makes them the first SBD member to achieve that for outdoor storage for bike security. Their investment in research and development, as well as testing, has certainly paid off for them and I’d like to congratulate the whole BikeAway team”.