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Bristorm, security division of Hill & Smith Ltd, join Secured by Design

Bristorm is one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

Bristorm is the security division of Hill & Smith Ltd and specialises in the design and manufacture of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and anti-ram fencing and bollards.

Bristorm Hill Smith certificate

Hill & Smith Ltd has a long history in the manufacture of highway safety barriers and security products. The Bristorm range is now inclusive of crash tested anti-ram bollards, such as: Impeder PAS 68 Bollards and Stopper PAS 170 Bollards. Bristorm has a quality range of high security perimeter wire rope fences rated to ASTM M50 P1 and P2 and BSI PAS 68.

All Bristorm Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems are tested to the Vehicle Security Barrier Impact Testing Standards: BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170, IWA 14 - 1 and ASTM F2656.


Bristorm join SBD having achieved Police Preferred Specification for a number of their products. You can find out more about the company and their extended range of SBD accredited product here:

Sales and Marketing Manager Alice Higginson from Bristorm said: “We are pleased to have joined Secured by Design with now a wide range of our products approved by the crime prevention initiative. Hill & Smith’s goal is to drive the global infrastructure & security sectors with class leading products and commit to the longevity of these markets by offering exemplary service.”

Bristorm 2

SBD Development Officer Hazel Goss said: “I am pleased that Bristorm have signed up as new members of Secured by Design, they manufacture some amazing products with regards to Vehicle Mitigation and I am looking forward to working alongside them now and in the future”.