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Business Insight 3 renew with Secured by Design – and launch the IEE Tailgate Detector TDflex™

Business Insight 3 Ltd (Bi3) has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the national crime prevention initiative, and has also increased their range of SBD accredited products, with the IEE Tailgate Detector TDflex™ achieving the coveted Police Preferred Specification.

Bi3 have been keeping people safe, secure and informed since 2009, combining innovative, cutting edge technology from around the world with in-house expertise to provide bespoke solutions for the security and business information sectors. They have been partnered with IEE, a worldwide pioneer in presence detection and one of the leading suppliers of advanced sensing solutions, since 2011.

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The TDflex™ is a tailgate detection solution which prevents unauthorised access at doors, mantraps, airlocks, e-gates, turnstiles and even access points without doors.

Ensuring that every individual has properly presented a valid ID is a major challenge faced by security professionals. Preventing tailgating and piggybacking, in other words misleading or outsmarting the system, is a problem existing access control solutions do not sufficiently satisfy.

The Tailgate Detector TDflex™ offers a solution that ensures only authorised people can enter a restricted area by adding an additional and essential security layer. It is designed to accurately identify the presence of any person passing through a secure area without first using the access control system for verification. The system will alert, or prevent access if a person tailgates either willingly or under duress. The system integrates into any access control system.

The Tailgate Detector TDflex™ holds substantial accreditations, has won multiple awards and is currently deployed successfully across many applications both within the UK and internationally.

The Tailgate Detector TDflex™ joins Bi3’s Video Analytics products which have achieved SBD’s Police Preferred Specification:

  • Davantis Version 70 ‘Daview S Video Analytics’ Perimeter Protection – Sterile Zone Monitoring & Transmission
  • Davantis Version 70 ‘Daview LR Video Analytics’ Perimeter Protection Long Range – Sterile Zone Monitoring & Transmission.

With the use of sophisticated algorithms, the power to centrally analyse all types of video streams and alert on various preset rules, Davantis, the leading video analytics product helps to detect and reduce crime through the use of high-quality innovative technology used in conjunction with standard CCTV systems.

You can find further details of all of Bi3’s SBD accredited products here:

SBD Development Officer Hazel Goss said: "I had the privilege of renewing Business Insight 3 licence for another three years, being members since 2016 they have developed some amazing products and the new TDflex™ tailgate detection solution is no exception. I am overwhelmed by their hospitality and helpfulness and it is an absolute pleasure working alongside them".

Glen Higson, Managing Director Bi3 said: “We are delighted to have renewed our SBD membership for a further 3 years having had much success and recognition from the scheme since 2016. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Hazel and also a large number of northern based Designing Out Crime Officers with Bi3 providing bespoke electronic security product training.
“We felt after working with SBD the IEE Tailgate Detector TDflex™ was an obvious product addition to the scheme following successful panel approval.”