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CGT Security launch a new range of high-performance industrial shutter doors

CGT Security have added to their range of Secured by Design accredited products, with a new range of high security shutter doors having achieved the Police Preferred Specification.

As an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative security shutters, CGT Security are known for delivering quality solutions that are beyond the traditional shutter door.

So it is no surprise that their new product, ‘Intimidator’ presents the most comprehensive range of high security industrial shutter doors, successfully combining maximum performance with multiple third-party accreditations.

The Intimidator range is certified to LPS 1175 with the product portfolio IR1 to IR4, covering A1 (SR1) to D10 (SR4) requirements in addition to having Secured by Design approval.

The innovative Intimidator industrial doors have excellent thermal and acoustic performance as well as hurricane wind-load resistance, making them ideal for a much wider range of industrial and commercial applications.

Available as single skin profiles with optional perforation, or double skin profiles with a choice of insulation materials, the Intimidator also allows manual or automatic locking selections giving complete versatility for all types of industrial purposes.

Whether securing data centres, vulnerable laboratories or protecting high value production or logistics facilities, Intimidator industrial doors will provide the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing you have maximum performance combined with the added protection that SBD compliant products offer.

Find out more about the Intimidator range of SBD accredited high security shutter doors here.

Ruari Robertson, Secured by Design, said: “I am delighted that CGT have expanded their SBD product range with the introduction of the Intimidator series of industrial doors. They continue to set new boundaries within this sector and wish them every success with the new range.”

Roger Humphreys, MD of CGT Security, said: “With a growing demand for security performance in the industrial market, we wanted to bring our knowledge and experience of security rated products to this sector to manufacture a product with versatility and multiple applications.”

More information about CGT Security and their extensive range of Secured by Design accredited products can be found here.