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CGT Security launches a new industrial door with amazing thermal performance

As an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative security shutters, Secured by Design member company CGT Security are known for delivering quality solutions that are beyond the traditional shutter door.

Following on from the launch of the Intimidator Industrial door range at the end of 2023, CGT Security are now launching the Intimidator IR-X thermal industrial door with amazing insulation properties due to a combination of innovative product features.

Patented thermal break technology used on the Intimidator IR-X removes the cold bridge through the joints between the laths, giving a higher thermal performance than standard insulated shutters. The U value is traditionally stated as a through-lath metric, but on a standard shutter much of the heat transfer is actually through the joint between the laths, so the thermal break technology of the IR-X reduces the overall temperature transfer by removing the cold bridge through the joint, as well as having a soft, PVC lip between the laths for even greater insulation.

In addition to this, the curtain of the shutter has an integral rubber top seal for a reduction in air flow between the frame and door, and the guide rails have internal brush seals to give even greater insulation. This gives an overall U value for the whole curtain as 2.8W/ m²K compared to a typical insulated shutter U value of 4.3 W/m²K.

These two part guide rails also give extra reinforcement for high wind-loading as well as giving additional strength on the attack face of the shutter.

The Intimidator IR-X has been independently certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to LPS 1175 Issue 8 standard up to a B3 (SR2) rating and has Secured by Design Police Preferred Accreditation.

Each lath of the Intimidator IR-X is made from a twin material; an aluminium outer and a soft PVC finish on the curtain wall that gives quieter rolling of the door, even at high speeds, and the curved shape of the laths ensures a more intelligent shutter roll, reducing the space required in the head box area.

The combination of these smart product features, produces a secure, high speed industrial door with superb acoustic performance as well as thermal excellence, making it especially suitable for production facilities, utilities buildings, logistics depots and warehouses where low noise levels and good insulation are important.

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