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Countryside home secured with CGT Security’s Vortex range

A countryside home has installed Secured by Design member company’s CGT Security’s Vortex range of security shutters to protect it from intruders.

For this countryside property, physical security was required to ensure the family home remained safe against intruders. A new build residence, the Vortex Built In was specified for the minimal space required within the interior structure.

Nearly a dozen Vortex Built In were implemented with multi-zone control and obstacle detection facility. The shutters were provided with perforated lath profiles for the top 30% of the shutter to maintain ventilation and solar control.

Whilst the main function of the security shutters is to secure the property, the Vortex Built In has been finished in RAL Classic ‘Pebble Grey’, creating a stunning and complimentary finish to the contemporary home.

Architectural Integrity

Enhancing the application by reducing the size of the structural lintel necessitated, the Vortex Built In is engineered to sit within the cavity and not protrude into the building.

A perfect solution for residential properties, Vortex completely removes the need for unsightly and bulky head boxes. Offering 50% smaller roll zones compared to standard shutters, the Vortex Built In combines architectural integrity with an intelligent security solution.

Find out more about the Vortex range of SBD accredited security shutter doors here.

Ruari Robertson, Secured by Design, said: “I am delighted that CGT have been able to provide a sustainable security solution for this residential home. It demonstrates the wide range of use of their products can deliver to provide a safe and secure environment, for any type of property in any location.”

Roger Humphreys, MD of CGT Security, said: “The Vortex shutters provide total security and peace of mind for when the client is not in residence, but are equally effective for interfacing seamlessly into the building to give a discreet solution that is not visible, for when they are at home.”

More information about CGT Security and their extensive range of Secured by Design accredited products can be found here.