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Cycle security advice

Cycle security is always an issue with thefts from a variety of locations including town centres, residential areas, and educational establishments. In this blog Stephen Armson-Smith from Essex Police looks at steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen.

Essex Police cycle advice

By taking some appropriate precautions and using good quality security products, and using them well, should help you to keep your property safe. Use the best security you can afford. Don't secure a £2,000 bicycle with a £20 lock! As a guide look to spend 10-15% of the value of the item on its security. Look for a “Sold Secure” certified chain and padlock or “D – Lock” preferably gold rated but certainly not below silver. Consider what you chain it to whether at home or whilst out, is that secure? Is it well overlooked to provide good natural surveillance?

Make a note of the frame number, security mark the cycle, there are a number of different methods available such as, or see Secured by Design accredited products. Take a photograph of the cycle and any areas of damage or marks of identification, and some insurance companies may require one with the owner in the picture with it.

At home remove that first attraction to the thief or burglar: 1) don’t leave garage doors open for long periods showing your expensive cycle and other property, 2) consider a “Ground anchor” or “Shed shackle” within your shed or garage to secure your cycle to, 3) look at your shed or garages security and ensure you have good locks and that the hinges are protected, 4) consider a shed alarm, 5) if your home is limited for space outside consider a cycle storage unit, they are smaller than a shed.

If you can its worth getting your children or grandchildren into good habits, keeping their bikes secure and not leaving them discarded on the front lawn or other, may save problems in the future.

Check with your insurance company to see what security standards they require for your insurance cover to be valid.

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