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DeterTech solar crime barometer

Across the UK and Europe there continues to be a substantial increase in solar-related crime, with Solar farms – both under construction and in operation –finding themselves targeted by Organised Criminal Gangs.

To understand both the severity and extent of this problem, together with practical advice on how solar operators can safeguard themselves against such threats, Secured by Design member company DeterTech has developed an insightful problem paper which you can download here.

DeterTech is proud to operate a national intelligence portal for the police and critical infrastructure companies, to track the movements and activities of organised criminal groups across the UK. Its information sharing agreement with the National Police Chiefs’ Council allows its team of crime intelligence analysts to access police data from all forces in England and Wales.

About DeterTech  

DeterTech is an award-winning risk management company which partners with its clients to offer bespoke end-to-end security solutions that predict, deter and detect criminal activity.

The DeterTech portfolio spans crime intelligence, site security, forensic marking, access control, and sensor technologies.   From these it builds bespoke end-to-end security solutions for each customer based on the specific risks present in their environment, bringing greater peace of mind to people, businesses, and communities every day.

Founded in 1993, with operations across the UK and Europe, DeterTech mitigates the disruption and cost impact of thefts for clients operating nationally in infrastructure, construction, vacant property, and other sectors.

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Find out more about DeterTech and their SBD accredited products here.