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Digital risk: what do I do about it?

Putting cyber security in place and developing strategies to manage security risks doesn’t have to break your business, but it can certainly help save it.

Recent circumstances have meant that many businesses have created a new way of working, which has consequently exposed risks, such as VPN vulnerabilities, to increased online scams and phishing emails. Understanding what you can do to manage your organisation’s cyber security effectively can be the competitive advantage needed in today’s online, interactive world.

The PDSC, in partnership with BSI, have developed a webinar series to explore what the most common risks are and what practical steps you need to take now.

Webinar 3

What does cyber security do for me?

On the back of cyber security awareness month, experts from BSI and PDSC explored the prevalent risks and threats that affect every SME business, and show how and why you should take action now.

This webinar took place on 4th November 2020. You can watch a replay here

What is my digital risk?

Is your workforce, home working, in the office or a mix of both? Do they bring their own device, use a VPN? If you answered yes to any, or all the questions then you have an attack surface that needs managing.

This webinar took place on 26th November 2020. You can watch a replay here

Thursday 17 December 10.00 - 11.00 GMT: Digital risk: what do I do about it?

So what are the most practical things you can do to make your business a digitally resilient one?

This webinar will;

  • Provide simple and effective tools to secure your data / networks
  • Talk you through the things you should do NOW to be as risk free as possible
  • Discover your footprint on the dark web with Threat Status
  • Discuss whether it is practical to include the 4 P’s in your business plan?

You can register for this webinar here