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Eyes Everywhere for Bi3 Police Training Event

As national crime trends change and evolve, so does the technology being used to prevent it. Business Insight 3, experts in human, vehicle, and object detection, invited Designing Out Crime Officers to a two-day ‘Eyes Everywhere’ event to showcase their latest innovations in crime prevention.

Business Insight 3, Arc Monitoring and Encompass Security Solutions

Eyes Everywhere

The event was split into 2 days, with one day each focused on the North and South regions. The northern event was hosted by Business Insight 3 (Bi3), with the southern event hosted by Bi3 partners, Arc Monitoring. The days also saw support from Encompass Security Solutions.

The event brought together Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCOs) from Police Forces across the UK, as well as officers from the National Cyber Security Centre’s Sociotechnical Security Group (StSG) to get a better understanding of video analytics technology, as well as learning how the CCTV monitoring process works. It also aimed to give DOCOs the opportunity to connect with organisations in the CCTV security and monitoring supply chain industries.

Bi3’s goal was to expose attendees to aspects of CCTV security they may not be familiar with, and that by providing a deeper understanding of available technology, its applications, and the supply chain, DOCOs could better inform and advise the individuals and organisations they work with.

At the Bi3 site, there was an initial presentation in which each of the hosts demonstrated their place in the supply chain and the benefits they offer to end users. This was followed by a technology showcase.

Eyes Everywhere North Event

At the Arc Monitoring day, a similar format was followed with a presentation, a technology showcase, and a tour of the monitoring station. This allowed DOCOs to see what the monitoring stations observe when alerts are triggered and how they respond to incidents.

Eyes Everywhere South Event


Supply Chain

Bi3 acts as a value-added seller of Security and Business Intelligence Solutions. They have curated a range of video analytics solutions from international partners, which they then package and distribute to security installers like Encompass Security Solutions, who directly serve end users. Arc Monitoring's role is to monitor and respond to alerts generated by the video analytics technology provided by Bi3, installed by Encompass or other security installers.

Bi3 support both installers and monitoring stations with training, setup, project planning, technology configuration, and ongoing support and maintenance.


Technology Showcase

Bi3 presented several technologies at the Eyes Everywhere event, starting with their Davantis DFUSION video analytics solution. This system uses video analytics algorithms combined with AI and machine learning for perimeter protection. It identifies intruders as they enter a site, generating alerts that notify a monitoring station. The station then takes appropriate actions, such as alerting local police or triggering on-site security measures.

The importance of video analytics is in ensuring intruders aren't missed. With numerous cameras covering various sites, monitoring stations rely on video analytics to filter and trigger alerts only for real intrusions. Davantis DFUSION, with its AI and machine learning capabilities, results in fewer false alarms - a common issue at monitoring stations. DFUSION boasts one of the lowest false alarm rates on the market and is National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) accredited for use in critical national infrastructure sites in the UK.

Bi3 also showcased their new Prism unit, a rapid, re-deployable CCTV platform that garnered significant interest from DOCOs which is currently undergoing testing to meet Secured by Design standards. Alongside this, the company also demonstrated the TDFlex solution, an anti-tailgating device that enhances security at access points and secure rooms.

 Bi3 Launch Prism at Eyes Everywhere

Glen Higson, Founder and Managing Director at Business Insight 3, said: “Bi3 values its longstanding membership with SBD, which has provided an invaluable opportunity to host events such as 'Eyes Everywhere', which allowed for direct engagement with Police DOCOs and StSG officers.

“Speaking directly with these groups provides a unique opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in a fast-moving industry such as security perimeter protection.

“As a core industry to all types of businesses across the UK, it is a privilege to work with reputable bodies such as the SBD and we look forward to continuing our collaboration going forward.”

Hazel Goss, Secured by Design, commented: “Both awareness days went very well with great attendance from DOCOs from several police forces across the country. Having the opportunity to hold two events worked very well in covering the North and South regions, and in giving those attending an overview of the excellent collaborative work taking place between two of our member companies - Arc Monitoring and Business Insight 3.

“The events were excellent and so much thought and effort was put into these days by the companies involved, covering all areas of their businesses. I know everyone who attended these events went away with more knowledge and understanding to apply to their roles, which is what it is all about.

“I wish to thank both Bi3 and Arc Monitoring for their hospitality and time to help make these days as successful as they were.”


You can find out more about Business Insight 3 and their Secured by Design accredited products on their dedicated member page, and Arc Monitoring and their Secured by Design accredited products on their dedicated member page.


Secured by Design (SBD) is owned by the UK Police Service with the specific aim of reducing crime and increasing safety for businesses and individuals.

SBD seeks to improve the physical security of buildings and the surrounding area using products such as doors, windows, locks and walling systems along with fencing systems that meet the SBD Police Preferred Specification security requirements.

SBD have many partner organisations, ranging from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities through to local authorities, housing associations, developers and manufacturers and work closely with standards and certification bodies.

SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK, through the Police Preferred Specification - a product-based accreditation scheme developed over 20 years ago, which provides a recognised standard for all security products that effectively deter and reduce crime. SBD work with manufacturers and standards authorities to ensure that security standards are current and updated to keep pace with emerging crime trends.

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