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"Gaining SBD accreditation is key to our strategic growth"

Commtel Ltd, the industry leading manufacturer of Telguard have joined the official police security initiative, Secured by Design (SBD).

 Telguard form part of the Commtel Ltd group, a Sussex-based manufacturer of 4G and telephone entry solutions. Since joining SBD they have achieved Police Preferred Specification on the following electronic door entry systems:

  • Millennium (SBD Hub & Satellite configuration)
  • Senior (SBD Hub & Satellite configuration)
  • Telpad II (SBD Hub & Satellite configuration)

Bernard Jupé, Acting Commercial Director of Commtel commented “We appreciate very much the support of the SBD team and Premier Fire and Safety Consultants Ltd throughout the process of submitting and gaining SBD Certification for our Telguard products. Gaining SBD accreditation is key to our strategic growth, and it will enable us to penetrate our existing marketing more extensively and exploit new market sectors”.

Secured by Design was established by the UK Police Service with the specific aim of improving the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings in order to create safer places for people to live, work, shop and socialise. SBD works to reduce crime by good design and is the only way to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.

SBD plays an undeniable role in crime prevention, as seen within their product-based accreditation scheme, Police Preferred Specification (PPS). For over 20 years, PPS has successfully provided a recognised standard for all security related products that can be used to both deter and reduce crime. Products are subjected to vigorous testing and auditing by an accredited third-party organisation before being allowed to carry the SBD logo.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Commtel designs, manufactures and distributes an array of bespoke mobile and landline-based intercom systems, suitable for any powered door, gate, or barrier requiring control over access. They can be used in any environment, both internally or externally, including within the domestic, commercial or public domain.

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Commtel are extremely passionate about providing quality and bespoke solutions to accommodate a wide range of different building types, enabling their customers to achieve the level of security that they truly deserve.

For Commtel, the safety and security of their customers is paramount and a responsibility that they take extremely seriously. Not only do they adhere to the code of conduct of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF), but they also offer unique training and technical support to their clients, ensuring the maximum security for the end user.

Their trusted, reliable and time-tested products not only provide that added level of security to home and business owners, but they also offer the indispensable value of peace of mind, making their telephone intercom systems real game changers.

With customer elation at their core, Commtel continuously strive to exceed expectations by adopting a collaborative, solution-based work culture. By investing in ample training and self-development programmes for their employees, they ensure they get the best out of their employees.

Lyn Poole, Development Officer at Secured by Design commented: “I have had great pleasure in working with the team at Commtel to get them to the point of becoming Secured by Design members and achieving Police Preferred Specification on their products. I have been familiar with their products for many years when I was a Designing Out Crime Officer in the Metropolitan Police, and working with them now, I can see their true commitment to security and to implementing the changes needed to get them to this stage. They have always strived to deliver, and they definitely have this time”.

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With over one million homes built to SBD standards, witnessing reductions in crime of up to 87%, SBD plays a hugely significant role in the planning process, continuing with their aim to design out crime by good design.

Secured by Design was established over 30 years ago and works with many partner organisations ranging from the Home Office, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, right through to local authorities, housing associations, architects, developers and manufacturers. SBD also maintains close links with standards authorities and certification bodies to ensure it remains up to date with emerging criminal trends.

There are currently many hundreds of SBD member companies producing thousands of attack resistant crime prevention products across 30 different crime categories. Learn more about Secured by Design and their member companies here:

Contact Commtel:

T: 1306 710120



Contact Secured by Design:

T: 02038623999