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Hörmann launch SBD promotional film

As part of a creative campaign to promote the Secured by Design accreditation for their LPU42 and LPU67 sectional doors, the Hörmann team have once again jumped at the chance to get in front of the camera and have some fun. The latest block buster to be released, entitled Hörmann Alone, is an eye-catching industry movie like no other.

Once again Hörmann Alone stars well known industry stalwarts Alex MacKay and Stewart Shaw, featuring Alice from the RollMatic T promotional film and is a tongue in cheek take on a popular series of American Christmas family comedy films. Having undergone considerable make-up and styling Alex and Stewart star as ‘plumbers in a van’, with expert Alice giving sage advice to our two hapless characters on the benefits of Secured by Design. A brief, but undeniably impressive appearance, is made by Key Accounts Manager Paul Tulley.

The Hörmann Alone promotion has featured a teaser campaign using a 50 second movie trailer and character cards, distributed widely via social media and direct email shots, with the movie premiering on 5th October. A film poster has been produced and a leaflet explaining the details of how to register the sectional doors which qualify for SBD accreditation is in production.

Marketing Manager at Hörmann UK, David O’Mara comments, “The Secured by Design accreditation for our sectional doors is important to both Hörmann and our dealers, so we were keen to come up with an innovative way to promote this. Following on the success of our RollMatic T campaign video, a movie style promotion was the obvious way to go.

“At Hörmann we are very conscious of the fact that as market leader you must keep things fresh and engaging whilst effective communicating the key messages to the market. The Hörmann Alone campaign is a really creative way of doing this. It’s also great that we have members of staff who are willing to join in, have some fun and make a real difference.”

Hormann SBD film

SBD gives homeowners greater peace of mind particularly with increasing numbers of people using their garages for storage, or for garages converted into leisure or living areas. Hörmann sectional doors have been developed to prevent and discourage criminal intrusion and vandalism, which has now been verified through independent testing. The tests involved a prolonged brute force attack and are designed to demonstrate the strength and robust nature of the door. Impressively, the Hörmann sectional doors passed in their standard format with no modifications or additions required and SBD applies to the full range of sizes available.

The accreditation only applies to doors fitted after 1st April 2021 and to be valid the doors should be installed behind the brickwork and not include any glazing options or external handles. Once fitted the installation will need to be registered with Hörmann to obtain the SBD certification

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, said “This is a really excellent and innovative way for Hörmann UK to emphasise the importance of security when it comes to garage doors, promote their Secured by Design accreditation, and highlight their range of SBD accredited garage doors”.

You can view the excellent film here:

You can find out more about Hörmann and their range of Secured by Design accredited products here: