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How 'WATCHU' can help you keep track of your loved ones whilst they are away from home

A watch which also functions as a phone and location tracking device so parents know where their children are playing, is one of the latest products to be accredited by Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

Called WATCHU, it provides a link between the GPS Smart Watch, which is aimed at the 5-11 age range, and their parent or carer’s Smartphone.

As well as children, the device can also be used to help provide notification of the whereabouts of elderly and other vulnerable people.

It is supplied by CPR Global Tech, of Swansea, an existing SBD member company, and passed an evaluation panel of industry experts during July. It’s features include:

WATCHU works as a phone and can make and receive calls to up to 16 numbers that are added and removed through the App so parents/carers have control of this.

Location tracking:
WATCHU provides real-time pin-point tracking using GPS, LBS and WiFi connection that updates every 60 seconds and can be set up to provide notification when the wearer leaves or enters a specific location.

Emergency button:
It includes an emergency assist button which triggers the pre-set contact in its phone book and sends a warning on a continuous loop to a Smartphone until answered.

Locality listening:
Without alerting the watch wearer, parents or carers can listen to all the activity in the WATCHU’s locality.

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To operate WATCHU, you simply download the WATCHU App, create an account, switch on the device and follow the instructions to connect to the App. It provides access to all UK and EU networks for wide coverage. There is no minimum contract term.

WATCHU say it means children can lead an active lifestyle whilst their parents can enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are safe.

Bryony Hipkin, of CPR Global Tech, said they placed safety at the forefront of the product’s design. “We wanted our product to give people the ability to monitor and, when necessary, react to potential safety concerns. You can track where your loved ones are at any given time, plus you can be informed if your loved one has moved outside of a designated safe space,” she said.

SBD Development Officer, Emma Snow, said: “Our panel of experts were really impressed by this product which can protect the most vulnerable people in our communities. It can give peace of mind to parents about the whereabouts of their children or an elderly relative as well as providing the watch wearer with an SOS button to call in an emergency.”

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