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“It was an easy decision to renew, as like us, SBD always put security first”

DoorJammer is one of the latest companies to renew their membership with Secured by Design, with their DoorJammer and DoorJammer Lockdown products having achieved SBD’s Police Preferred Specification.

DoorJammer was invented by product designer Von Saint while on holiday in Mexico. Necessity became the mother of invention as he discovered his hotel room's door was broken, being forced to hold it closed the only way he could - by wedging a chair against it. 

Von Saint Designs then began working with the Penn Elcom Group to refine, manufacture and distribute DoorJammer across the world. 

With more than a third of a million units sold, DoorJammer has gone on to win Double Gold and Diamond awards at the British Invention Show, Silver and Finalist awards at the National Hardware Show and International Housewares Association as well as achieving the PAS24 Impact Test Certificate from Winkhaus Laboratories and becoming accredited by Secured by Design. 

You can find out more about DoorJammer and their SBD accredited products here or watch a demonstration of DoorJammer here.

DoorJammer said: "We are incredibly thankful for the support and proud of the accreditation that we have had from Secured by Design. It was an easy decision to renew, as like us, SBD always put security first. Our ongoing relationship with SBD provides validation of our efforts to make the public more secure whenever they use DoorJammer or DoorJammer Lockdown.” 

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, said: “I really love this product. I travel abroad a couple of times a year and around the UK for work. I never go away without my little red DoorJammer, to me its as important to pack as my toothbrush.

“The DoorJammer is a great product, easy to use and very effective for ensuring a good night’s sleep in a strange hotel. The DoorJammer is for anyone, young students away from home for the first time at University in September, business trips or holidays alone and so many more scenarios.

“The DoorJammer Lockdown is like the big brother more for commercial doors, schools, youth clubs and community centres. I am so glad they have renewed their SBD membership for another three years - they joined in 2014 so we are very happy they still feel being a member and having their products as Police Preferred Specification accredited is a big bonus to them”.