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Jacksons Fencing help Eurotunnel provide a safe and secure perimeter at their Coquelles terminal near Calais

Jacksons Fencing one of the UK's leading designers, manufacturers and installers of security fencing and access control systems, has successfully completed 8.5km of security fencing and associated gates at the Eurotunnel Terminal, Coquelles, France as part of the Anglo–French commitment to securing key parts of the site against illegal and dangerous migration activity.

Located just 12.4km from the UK entrance to Eurotunnel in Folkestone and with a reputation for delivering certified and approved security fencing systems to other high profile sites of critical national importance, the family owned firm completed the project, which included more than 40 pedestrian and vehicle gates, over an eight week period, to meet a very challenging deadline.

The initial project was for 5km of security fencing, the majority of which was originally specified to reinforce physical security measures already in place, while the remainder was to replace existing fencing. The contract was awarded to two principal contractors with Jacksons responsible for 3.3km. However, due to the changing and escalating nature of threat posed by people smugglers operating in and around the Channel Tunnel railhead in Coquelles, Jacksons Fencing has installed a total of 8.5km in four key locations within the site, which has a 41.8km perimeter.

The project involved Jacksons Fencing Contracts Manager, Steve Hancock, who oversaw the project from start to completion, along with a 70-strong team, most of whom were based in Coquelles throughout the contract period. They were supported by Frederic Aubert, General Manager, Jacksons Clôtures, the company's operation in France, who ensured the fast and accurate exchange of communication between the British workforce and French client.

Peter Jackson, CEO of Jacksons Fencing commented: "I don't believe that any of us involved in the higher end of the perimeter security industry subscribe to the idea of creating an 'anti-immigration fence' as it has been dubbed by some, but rather to providing a 'protect and defend barrier', which serves to keep everyone safe and Eurotunnel operating efficiently. Respective Governments have yet to arrive at a unified solution to the systemic causes for the global migration crisis. This new perimeter fencing is just one of many individual actions which collectively make a small but worthwhile contribution to help in what is a very real and ongoing humanitarian crisis and I'm proud that Jacksons has played its part in that."

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