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JNE Security launch the RFID Signal Blocking Drink Safe Can

Secured by Design (SBD) member company JNE Security Ltd have introduced the world’s first SBD accredited Decoy Safe Can which blocks Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and wireless signals, making it the perfect way to protect car keys from Relay Attacks, where a handheld signal blocking device is used to gain access to vehicles.

Food Safe Cans have been around for a number of decades and following consultation with the police, JNE have created a less obvious, lower cost alternative in the RFID Signal Blocking Drink Safe Can.

Traditional Safe Cans are made using a false plastic bottom to the can and although they are perfect for hiding valuables, they will not block wireless signals. JNE’s new RFID Signal Blocking Drink Safe Cans provide a fantastic decoy safe which, as well as car keys, can also be used to hide credit cards and any item with a wireless RFID chip.

The RFID Signal Blocking Drink Safe Can is also useful for going to the beach and playing sports as a potential decoy against opportunist thieves.

The RFID Signal Blocking Drink Safe Cans look like supermarket own branded versions of Diet Cola, Fizzy Orange and Lemonade.

JNE Decoy Safe can

Nick Hughes, General Manager for JNE Security comments “In 2019 I was approached by a Designing Out Crime Officer who came up with the idea of designing a traditional Decoy Safe Can with Signal Blocking capabilities. Having developed our RFID Signal Blocking Safe Can, we submitted it to SBD and were delighted that it achieved Police Preferred Specification”.

SBD Development Officer Hazel Goss said: “This is a great product that JNE have designed and had tested. It will be a product that will reduce vehicle and credit card crime as the Decoy Safe Can will stop RFID signals being read so will protect both keys to vehicles and credit cards. I cannot wait to see the product and give it a try”.

You can view JNE Security’s other innovative SBD accredited products here:

You can see the Signal Blocking Safe Can in action on the video link below:

JNE Security will be exhibiting at SBD’s ATLAS 2020 national training event for Designing Out Crime Officers, where visitors to the stand will receive a free sample of this new product.