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KEYSHIELD joins Secured by Design

KEYSHIELD, manufacturers of an ultra-slim intelligent security device designed to provide effective protection against key cloning and relay theft, have joined Secured by Design (SBD).

British engineered and manufactured, KEYSHIELD provides effective protection against relay theft, ensuring both vehicle and valuables remain safe from tech-savvy thieves. 

Integrated within the car key, KEYSHIELD wraps around the key battery, with no impact to functionality or external appearance. A simple, one-time setup that offers lasting protection without the daily hassle of faraday pouches & steering locks – an effective ‘Fit & Forget’ solution to key cloning and relay theft. 

KEYSHIELD fits all car key batteries, ensuring universal compatibility with all makes and models. Its advanced motion sensor technology disables the key's battery power after 20 seconds of inactivity, preventing unnecessary signal transmission when not in use. Applying motion reactivates battery power and key signal, allowing functionality as normal. 

Find out more about KEYSHIELD here.

Doug Skins, Secured by Design, said: “Vehicles fitted with a smart or passive key (a contactless key) are susceptible to a type of theft called Relay Theft, with criminals targeting vulnerable and desirable makes of vehicles by using cloning devices that have the ability to grab the signal from the smart key so that it appears to the car or van that the key is present. I am delighted that KEYSHIELD have joined Secured by Design with this innovative product, it is an excellent product which will enable motorists to protect their vehicles and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of vehicle theft.”

Dan Bulman, KEYSHIELD, said: “We are delighted to bring to market an affordable and effective solution for relay theft, an ever-growing problem that shows no signs of stopping, with over 130,000 cars stolen in 2022 alone.

“KEYSHIELD was developed following our own unfortunate experiences of relay theft, and the realisation that existing products did not provide effective protection against signal interception, and proved inconvenient in our every-day lives.

“Having the support of SBD reinforces KEYSHIELD as not only meeting recognised security standards, but also as a proven ability to prevent relay theft as a cause of car crime - Shield Your Key, Protect Your Car!”