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Letterbox security company, Prestige Products, renew with SBD

Prestige Products, suppliers of MailGUARD/MailGUARD+Plus and HomeGUARD/HomeGUARD+Plus letterbox security protectors, have renewed their membership with Secured by Design, the official police security initiative.

East Sussex-based Prestige Products supplies letterbox security products for the prevention of arson and anti-social behaviour-related attacks against premises or life, as well as providing an additional level of front door security.

MailGUARD and MailGUARD+Plus are targeted at housing providers and the emergency services, and HomeGUARD and HomeGUARD+Plus are aimed at the private residential sector via the locksmith industry. Both versions have the same features and protect homes in the same way. The protectors include a lockable steel security plate to stop burglars fishing through the letterbox to reach house or car keys, unlock front doors or steal post, and have a flame retardant, self-extinguishing and leak-proof fabric bag to contain small fires caused by flammable liquids or fireworks being put through the letterbox.


The ‘+Plus’ version of both ranges utilises the same self-extinguishing fabric as the standard product, but with the addition of a heat detection tube (extinguisher), which releases an extinguishant to douse fires, should they start within the bag. This is intended for homes at high risk.

All products are encased in a high-quality, slimline white or brown steel frame, with a white or brown bag featuring a double zip-puller which can be locked. Unlike traditional metal box-type solutions, both MailGUARD and HomeGUARD allow all types of mail to be accepted – preventing large items of post from being bent, damaged, or left outside, including bulky items such as newspapers and magazines. They are easily fitted to almost any door in a few minutes.

Steve Burge, Director, Prestige Products, said: “As a company, we are very proud to be associated with and stand alongside many other companies with products and services that carry the SBD accreditation. This gives individuals and decision makers who want to deploy our products confidence that they have been tested to the very highest of standards required for the many types of letterbox crime these products can help to defeat.”

Lyn Poole, Secured by Design, said: “It is always a pleasure to deal with Steve Burge, the Managing Director of Prestige Products. He has been a great supporter of Secured by Design since Prestige became members in 2015. His products are the best on the market, and for anyone suffering from domestic violence, harassment, anti-social behaviour and fears that something may be put through the letterplate, these are the products to have installed for peace of mind.

“Additionally, Prestige are supported by UK Police services and housing associations due to the effectiveness of their products. I’m looking forward to working with Prestige and Steve over the next three years of the SBD membership.”

You can find out more about Prestige Products and their Secured by Design accredited products at:

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