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Light Switch Timer Sponsors Metropolitan Police Anti-Burglary Initiative

On Thursday 25th September 2014, the Metropolitan Police in Barnet will be mounting a community engagement event of unprecedented scale, with support from other branches of the Metropolitan Police, key partners and sponsors, including Switched on Products, creators of the only Secured by Design Accredited timed lighting device.

The aim of the initiative is to promote an anti-burglary crime-prevention message, through the Clocks, Locks and Lights message, and the tag line “Do your part, be security smart”.


Managing Director Naiem Dakri said: “When asked if we would like to sponsor the local Metropolitan Police service anti-burglary initiative we didn’t hesitate to offer our support. The campaign is a great way to educate the public and help residents avoid becoming victims of burglary. It also supports our commitment to raising the level of security around the home for our customers.”

Barnet Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher, said: “When you have finished putting all the clocks back in your home, you should be having a really good look at your home security, ready for the winter months. Ask yourself some simple questions. Are the locks on my rear door as good as on my front door? Have I got timer switches on my lights? Have I got security lights at the front and rear of my property? And, perhaps most important of all, when I’m out, does my property look like somebody’s in? So don’t just put your clocks back, have a think about your home security and consider investing a few pounds to make it extra safe for the darker nights.”

The public will be encouraged to educate themselves regarding simple steps they can take to prevent becoming victims of burglary, using existing Operation Bumblebee material and a bespoke leaflet, with a logo designed by a local school, produced with the assistance of local sponsors, including Switched on Products.

Switched On Products’ Light Switch Timer can be used to control the existing light-switch on a wall without the need to change the switch or perform any wiring, making it ideal for programming the main lights in the home to give the most realistic impression that someone is in and thereby deterring would-be intruders. It works by fitting a cradle over the existing wall light-switch, into which the battery-operated control unit is slotted, making it ready to operate in seconds. It allows you to programme on and off times for different days of the week. It is designed to operate effectively on all standard single, double or triple gang light switches, and with all light bulbs, including LEDs and CFLs.

The light switch timer is available nationally on the high street, online and via Maplin. For further information on Switched On Products, please visit