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Meesons extend range of SBD accredited Security Portals

Secured by Design (SBD) member company Meesons, the UK’s leading supplier of entrance control solutions, has extended its range of Security Portals which have achieved Police Preferred Specification.

The company have added a further six models to their SBD accredited range

- C1 Small Cylindrical - A1(SR1), B3(SR2) & C5(SR3)
- C2 Medium Cylindrical - A1(SR1), B3(SR2) & C5(SR3)
- C3 Large Cylindrical (Single Door) A1(SR1), B3(SR2) & C5(SR3)
- E1 Small Classic - A1(SR1), B3(SR2) & C5(SR3)
- E2 Medium Classic - A1(SR1), B3(SR2) & C5(SR3)
- E3 Large Classic (Single Door/ Bi-Parting) A1(SR1), B3(SR2) & C5(SR3)

Iain Entwistle, Product Marketing Manager at Meesons, said: “Since becoming the first to achieve the Police Preferred Specification for Security Portals we have continued to develop an extensive range of accredited models.

“By providing security with aesthetically pleasing designs, which can incorporate anti-piggybacking technology to eliminate the threat of unauthorised access, Architects and Specifiers now have a wide range of options to secure their buildings’ entrances”.

Meesons products

SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “Meesons are at the forefront when it comes to security UKAS tested and certificated Security Portals. They now have such a wide range of accredited models, variants and optional features.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Meesons and their team and I look forward to seeing what additional products they will bring to this section of the high end security market in the future".

Meesons now have 30 variants across 11 models approved to LPS1175. These range from small classic portals with a footprint of 995 x 995mm to large cylindrical portals of 1910mm diameter, along with solutions for wheelchair and bike access. Meesons also provide models with extension panels to create a more spacious interlock. Of the 11 models that are approved to LPS1175, eight models are approved to SR3.