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NACD underpins its security credentials by joining Secured by Design

Visitor door entry and access control specialist NACD today announces a New Year relaunch of four of its security products after joining Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

 The products have achieved rigorous security standards set by the Building Research Establishment’s Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which certifies systems and technology that meet high standards of security.

The Hertfordshire-based business provides visitor door entry, access control and CCTV solutions for residential, commercial and local government developments by working closely with developers, building contractors, construction companies, housing associations, as well as electrical, security and building services consultants.

NACD has delivered its bespoke design, installation and maintenance services on projects both large and small including social housing, private sale residential projects, schools, office blocks and industrial estates in London, the South East and around the UK.

Four of NACD’s products are listed on the SBD website for being recognised by the Police Service in the UK for having achieved Police Preferred Specification – meaning they have been proven to be sufficiently robust to resist opportunist attempts at forced entry, and to deter and reduce crime.

SBD supports a network of Designing Out Crime Officers – police officers and police staff based in police forces around the UK – who work with architects, developers, constructors and local authority planners to design out crime on new developments from concept and design stages through to construction and completion. They seek to ensure that security-related products, such as doors, windows, locks, access systems and CCTV, meet Police Preferred Specification standards. SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.


These SBD listed NACD products are:

IPGUARD PRO 4G/IP smart visitor door entry panel
IPGUARD MINI 4G/IP smart visitor door entry panel
NPH300 visitor door entry panel calling video monitor
EVE 196-X3 access control door controller

Both IPGUARD 4G Smart visitor door entry panels enable residents to use devices chosen by themselves, such as mobiles, smart phones, iPads and tablets to receive calls from visitors at the building entrance doors and authorise access. The IPGUARD APP is available for free download to any iOS and Android device. The system seamlessly integrates with the company’s BATICONNECT Cloud management system to provide free real-time 24/7/365 remote management and programming thereby avoiding the need for site visits to add or delete proximity keyfobs, radio transmitters, and enables immediate action to deal with security issues that may arise.

The NPH300 visitor video monitor door entry system is the solution when video monitors are required. It also provides visitor call-logging via BATICONNECT Cloud meaning a full audit trail showing day, date, time and duration of all visitor calls to residents including door open authorisations to trace abuses of the system.

The EVE 196-X3 access control door controller is for a single door and is also part of the BATICONNECT Cloud system. Whether access is via a proximity keyfob or radio transmitter, everything is fully logged, and this data is available to those authorised at all times in real-time.

NACD is now looking to open the door to other installers and distributors so that they too can reap the benefits from utilising these great systems. The IPGUARD MINI & EVE196-X3 are being provided by IP Door Entry Ltd. For more information on IP Door Entry’s product range visit their website:

Access control visualisation

Each of NACD SBD listed products has attained the LPCB’s Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) 1175 Issue 7 Security Rating 2 specification to resist forced entry using bodily physical force and a range of hand tools, including some that make noise.

In addition, they have each achieved LPS 2081 Issue 1 SRB requirements to resist intruders attempting to use stealth to gain entry using a selection of tools that can be used noiselessly and be easily concealed.

All these products were tested and certified with door products provided by another SBD member company – Premier Security and Fire Consultants, of Ilford, Essex.

IPGuard Mini Pro Silver Front111 orig resize

NACD Managing Director Richard Collis, said: “This is a very exciting step forward for our business at the start of a New Year which we all hope will be a landmark year for business growth in the UK following Brexit and the continuing challenges posed by the pandemic. Our new association with Secured by Design is so important and will help us present our new security credentials, especially our achievement of attaining UK Police Preferred Specification, to our existing and new customers across the UK.”

SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “We are delighted to have NACD on board. They are a company committed to providing safe and secure developments to help keep people safe and to deter and reduce crime. We look forward to working with them over the coming months.”

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