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National Home Security Month Is Back To Bust Winter Burglaries

October 1 marks the start of National Home Security Month (NHSM), a nationwide initiative, supported by Yale, which runs throughout the month and is designed to create awareness around the importance of home security.

To combat the rise in burglary at this time of year, NHSM will feature a series of hints and tips to highlight ways to keep your homes and families safe during the dark nights.


The campaign will feature four weekly themes, with each focusing on a different aspect of home security to get you security-savvy in time for winter.

The first week will focus on door and window security. Many burglars often avoid smashing windows but attempt to force the frame itself, so the campaign will highlight the importance of ensuring all windows are fitted with at least one appropriate lock. We’ll also be looking at lock snapping crimes and door lock standards designed to protect you from this method of attack.

The focus in the second week will shift to protecting valuables. On average, us Britons are spending £822 on Christmas presents each year, not only increasing the value of items in our homes but the temptation to criminals. With this in mind, we’ll be looking at the best way to secure your valuables over the Christmas period and keep the burglars at bay.

The dark nights often mean leaving your house in darkness and arriving home in darkness, so in week three we’ll be shining a light on outdoor security to help you feel secure inside and out. In the final week we’ll be hurling you into the world of future home security, looking at the evolution of the Smart Home and all the latest security gadgets and gizmos available for your home.

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