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New counter measure from Gilgen protects buildings against attack

With unprecedented levels of global security following recent terrorist attacks, Gilgen Door Systems, manufacturers of the RolegardTM range of LPS1175 approved security shutters, has launched a unique SR5 rated shutter that combines the highest physical attack standard yet achieved in a security shutter with unrivalled ballistics and blast protection properties. Rolegard SR5-B is designed to help protect facilities against emerging threats such as hostile incursion and swarm attack.

Complying with insurance and Police Preferred 'Secured by Design' standards, Rolegard SR5-B offers first line defence against sustained attempts at forced entry. It is particularly suited as a target hardening measure for high risk applications including government and military buildings, critical national infrastructure, banks, protected spaces, museums and high value commercial premises. The particularly strong design characteristics also make it suitable for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) measures and for exposed sites that may be subject to severe weather conditions.

To achieve its very high security rating the SR5-B was tested to LPS1175, issue 7, level 5 using a wide range of professional attack methods including the use of high end power tools.

The shutter features a newly tested Automatic Self Locking (ASL) system to systematically lock down facilities without the need for secondary locks. Designed by Gilgen's highly experienced product development team in the UK, the ASL system helps to improve protocol and prevents the lifting and jacking of the shutter in any position. This functionality combined with adjustable speed settings and remote control operation enables fast reaction to imminent threats.

Ballistics and Blast Protection

Gilgen has helped mitigate combined attack methods through the introduction of blast protection and two levels of ballistics rating for the SR5-B. Following rigorous ballistics tests this model is certified to FB3 and FB4 standards meeting the requirements of BS EN1522:1999. These properties enable the shutter to be specified for very high risk applications.

Gilgen supplies a range of security shutters tailored to customers' needs with security ratings between LPS1175 level 2 and 5. The SR5-B model is electrically operated through a direct drive or heavy duty chain geared motor depending on the shutter size and frequency of use. An extensive range of activation modules including remote control or vehicle activated sensor ensures maximum control and the shutter can be integrated with layered security, such as building management and alarm systems.

Managing Director of Gilgen Door Systems in the UK, David Cerquella, comments: "We are delighted with the launch of our new SR5-B model which offers customers a unique dual security rating. Through continuous product development and testing, we have established Rolegard as the premier solution in the security shutter market. We will continue to develop the range to help customers protect against the challenging security environment and developing threats."

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Rolegard SR5 B Rail 260x277