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New Invention Provides Extended Protection For UK Homeowners

Switched on Products took the Gold Award for Best New Security Product at this year’s Totally DIY show with its revolutionary security device, impressing the judges with its ease of installation and simplicity.

The new Light Switch Timer is the UK’s first easy install automatic security light solution, which fits quickly and easily over existing wall light switches without the need for any wiring. The device can be fitted to a 1,2 or 3 gang switch instantly allowing you to program your lights to come on and off as required.

Most people are familiar with timer plugs and many use them to turn lamps on and off whilst they are away to deter would be intruders. Now for the first time home owners can program and control any existing light switch in the house in seconds.

The Light Switch Timer not only provides an effective means of protecting property and dissuading criminal activity, but it also uses smart technology to ensure low energy consumption and easy DIY installation. It has also achieved Police security standards accreditation through the ‘Secured by Design’ anti-crime initiative.

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